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6 hours, 1 line

i scoured the internet for an entire day yesterday just to get this:

SELECT * FROM OpenRowSet('MSDASQL','Driver=Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver;SourceType=DBF;SourceDB=d:\SQL Server Utility Folder\Import Bin', 'SELECT * FROM bookings_final')

i’m not one to geek, but it's pretty slick let me tell you. Apparently, i'm holding a seminar in two weeks because of it.

See, i AM a winner. Where are the chicks?

That is my job. Which is why i’ll never talk about it again.
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I know this guy and he lives like here and junk and he has this cool hot chick who lives at his place and its just like too damn cool for me
so you can do all that but you spell "apparently" wrong? way to go, dork...
smooth. covering your tracks. smooth.