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LIfe is good...

So Friday night i met the crew for drinks on the west side, we saw a comedy show at the SVA which was really funny ("i don't, i don't, i don't UNDERSTAND!!!!!), and then hit up a few bars afterwards. It was a really great night for a lot of reasons, most of all the company. (The surprising combination of being royally fucked up and blissfully lucid and in control was another high point of the night. Hats off to moderation.)

Tonight we have Lunaterium on the docket, billed as the Burning Man of nyc. It will be interesting because i lived 2 hours from the real Burning Man, knew people who went and considered going myself. (The 5 days without showering was a big deterrent...) Anyways, i'm expecting it to be rather trippy, eccentric and artsy-fartsy, but interesting to say the least. And fuck, we're in nyc. These are the things we're supposed to be doing, no?

Speaking of doing things, Lewis Black is in town Dec 5-8th and i want to go. On the 5th as Enon is playing at Southpaw in Brooklyn.

And bowling must be in our future.

i have to say, it's nice to have a crew to run with again. It's been since Sacramento that i had such a good group of friends to hang/party with. Aside from a few good friends i made in boston, the past two years were such a fucking writeoff. (And i had to meet one of those friends in Budapest.)

i have to echo Karla's sappy sentiments about everyone. It's nice to have friends who are all about the partying but are still top quality people as well. It's not the easiest combination to find, at least for me anyways.

Boy, all of this sappy sentiment is foreboding for the night, dontcha think? HA!
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