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Puck Is No More

Yep, i went ahead and sold my car to the mexican store around the corner for a handful of cash and some free Mexican food. (Although who would want food from a shitty Mexican restaurant from our neighborhood, i'll never know...) It was less than i had wanted, barely enough to cover my trip to boston but i was tired of moving it from one side of the street to the other. It was fun having a car in nyc but there's just no point to it.

i'm sure everyone will miss the excitement of driving through manhattan with me at the wheel. Perhaps i'll need to get me a cabbie job on the weekend so i don't lose my skills.

i feel bad that i sold my car a week before i might have otherwise driven back to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. (Or is it trancegiving???) It's been over a year, i'm 6 hours away (only marginally further than boston) and i doubt i'll be heading home for Christmas. It would have been nice to see my dad but my mom is slipping back into using me as her therapist for her neverending job application ordeal and that just won't do. And we all know about my sisters, so to hell with it.

i'm so fucking shagged out. i could barely keep my eyes open all day long today. Too little sleep in boston and 6 hours each night since ain't gonna cut it, not with the weekend around the corner...

BTW, since it's so bullshit that people are always listening to music when they're writing in their livejournal, i'll put whatever i damn well please in that box...
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