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Talk about demonizing

My roommate wrote this in her journal today:

...so i figured i'd have the party on march 15...frankly, i haven't even cleared this with roommate yet, though i think i'm going to wait on that, anyway, out of sheer distaste for the inevitable "but that's so far away! why are you thinking about this now."

For fuck sake, when has that ever come out of my mouth? When have i ever said no to a party? (Other than her 'Around the world' party idea which, in one night, would move from Dumbo to 12th and 7th in Park Slope to our place at 22nd and 5th in Dark Slope. i just told her to do it all at one place.)

This is the shit that drives me crazy: A complete disconnect with reality. (Unless i really AM such a deluded asshole.) i'm sorry but i can't think of anything i've ever done in my life to warrant someone worrying about me making that comment.

And i was so nice to her the other night... (i made us french fries) [sigh]
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